Digital Literacy for Little Ones

While gearing up for the excitement of Family Literacy Day, we've been investigating fun and easy ways for parents and wee ones to explore all kinds of literacies at home--including digital literacy! Here's a highlight of our favourite DIY approaches we've found.
Thinking About Technology
Questions for Kids

As devices and platforms change quickly, it’s important to develop critical thinking skills about technology. Start open-ended conversations with your child by asking these questions:

·         What do you think this device is for?
·         Why do you like it? Why do you think other people like it?
·         Can you tell me about a time when it helped you?
·         How do you think it works?
·         Why do you think it was invented?
·         How do you use it? 

Exploring at Home

      3 ideas for encouraging critical learning about tech and digital literacy--inspired by Stephanie Signer of Richmond Hill's 'A Grade 2 Teacher's Digital Literacy Tips'!
  1. Use things your child knows and loves (like stories, friends, characters) to discuss technology and new digital skills.
  2. Give them opportunities to experiment and learn new technology on their own. This will develop their independence and problem solving skills—just try it yourself first,setting the parental controls to make sure it is child-friendly.
  3. Ask them to teach you! (this is our favourite!) By asking your child to share, you'll help them think about their decisions, boost their confidence, and form a bond over technology and learning.