Film to Photoshop: Buried Family Treasures Come to Life

Out of the Attic, and into Adobe!

Stumbling across a family heirloom is like unearthing a hidden treasure.

When Becky discovered a box of her grandmother's photo negatives, she was ecstatic to learn that she could digitize them for free at The CAVE!

By placing the film strips into a case and starting the scanner, the negatives are converted into full-scale images. So what did Becky find? Just in time for the CNE 2014, a family photo circa 1921–right down to the Model T Ford!

A Day at the Ex! Brother-sister photo at the Canadian National Exhibition, circa 1921

Ready to edit in Photoshop!

Swing by The CAVE at Cornell Library to hear the whole story. And if you've got negatives to bring to life, book the studio today!