Rap, Opera, and... Zombies!?

Freestyle finalists! Nick of Monarch Trio & past champ Kidd Ruel
Over a dozen artists shared their latest work at last week's Open Mic night--while the enthusiastic and supportive crowd went wild! Spoken word star Enigma's MC'ing talents kept the night flowing just like his powerful and rhythmic lyrics. Crews EFNOS and 501 boys captivated the crowd with their break dancing, beat boxing, rap, and R&B performances. Classical, operatic, and musical theatre acts mixed harmoniously with folk and a cappella groups, plus a debut beat boxing performance.

And the Crown Goes To...

In an epic conclusion, Monarch Trio's vocalist and ukelele-ist Nick won the crown of the highly anticipated freestyle battle from reigning champ Kidd Ruel! Nick's zombie apocalypse piece took the audience judges by surprise, and by full force. Next month's challengers better get creative, because the bar has been raised yet again!

Next month's Open Mic night is September 4. Same time. Same place. Be ready (or be ready to improvise!)